I am originally from Michigan, but have lived in different states through-out my life.  I lived in California for 48 years where I was married and had four children.  All my children are grown adults now.  While in California, I became a Christian after listening to a TV program called "Know Your Bible," which was put on by a local Church of Christ.  I took the Bible course they offered and after two years of studying and reading the Bible, I decided to become a Christian.  I continued taking Bible courses thereafter.  I attended a local congregation which encouraged me to teach Bible classes and soon found myself involved in the Bus Ministry, and helping putting a Bible Learning Center together. I worked with different congregations while I lived in California either teaching children, being involved with Children's Bible Hour, or puppetry. 

I moved to the Phoenix area about fourteen years ago and have been working with the Surprise Church of Christ during most of that time.  I have taught and worked with children for over forty years now.  I love teaching the children and my desire is to help each child understand God's Word and how God wants them to live.  With a world full of problems, I encourage parents to bring their children to a place that is dedicated to helping each child put God in their lives.

Surprise Church of Christ

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14925 West Silverleaf Way

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