As the Youth and Family minister of the Surprise Church of Christ, I am truly thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the youth and families of this wonderful congregation. It would be an honor to have you join us in participating in the greatest Story ever written - the story of God and Man and the reconciliation of the two.  Our Bible studies and worship services on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings are designed to equip and prepare us to boldly walk alongside each other and be instrumental in this great Story.

Having studied Bible and Missions, for the last few years at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, it has opened my eyes to see that there is not just a need for foreign missionaries in third world countries, but here at home just the same!  A youth minister may not be considered a missionary to most, but with the how fast the culture of this nation's adolescents is changing these days, us adults may have a bigger cultural gap to bridge than we think!  So, it's my job to guide, equip, and prepare teens, in a culturally and age-relevant way, to establish a personal, loving, and dependent relationship with the Lord in the most crucial and formative time of their lives... and I LOVE doing it!

To you, I pray faith, hope, love, wisdom, and whatever else God needs to provide you with so that we can become stronger hands and feet of Jesus in this broken world.

Please feel free to join us during our meeting hours and/or feel free to schedule a personal meeting with myself if you have any other questions about our ministry at Surprise Church of Christ.  Thank you and God bless!


Nathan Hannum

Surprise Church of Christ

Mailing address: P.O. Box 9175

Physical address:
14925 West Silverleaf Way

Surprise, Arizona 85374